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This is the web page for Morten Green.

I work as a sound designer in Copenhagen, Denmark

For many years i have been trying to put up an internet site about me and my work, perhaps this time it will turn into something...

For now, this site is UNDER CONSTRUTION...

You can mail me using the "Contact" menu...

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This will be some pictures of some interest...

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Currently I am working on the new feature film by Christoffer Boe. The working title is "Allegro"

We are currently shooting the film and I am doing the production sound.

I will be doing the post production sound as well, working as the sound designer and supervising sound editor.

The production company is AlphaVille Pictures Copenhagen, a new company owned by director Christoffer Boe and producer Tine Pfeiffer.

Previous Work »

- feature film by Jacob Thuesen for Nordisk Film Production.
Anatomy of Evil - feature length documentary by Ove Nyholm for DigitalFilm.
Rejsen på Ophavet - animated documentary by Max Kestner for Barok Film.
Visions of Europe - short film by Christoffer Boe for Zentropa Entertainments.

- feature film by Christoffer Boe for Nordisk Film Production. Winner of the Camera d'Or award in Cannes 2003. I recieved the Danish Film Adademy Award, the "Robert", for best sound for my work on this film in February 2004.
Europæisk Barndom - documentary by Thomas Thurah for Zentropa Entertainments. Production sound for preliminary shooting.
Lille Far - short film by Michael W. Horsten for Magic Hour Films. Recieved the "Robert" for best short film for kids in February 2004.

Angels of Brooklyn
- feature length documentary by Camilla Hjelm and Martin Zandvliet for Cosmo Film. Recieved the "Robert" for best feature length documentary in 2003.
Popstars 2002 - reality tv series by Metronome Production for Danish TV2. Post production sound.

Graduated from the National Danish Film School as a sound designer.
Anxiety - graduation film from the National Danish Film School by Christoffer Boe.
Same grave, same coffin - graduation documentary from the National Danish Film School by Judith Lansade.

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Morten Green
Dybbølsgade 23, 2. tv.
DK-1721 Copenhagen V
tel: +45 33 23 82 08
cel: +45 51 90 05 48

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